What Materials Can Waterjets Cut? A Comprehensive Guide by Brodeur Machine Co.

At Brodeur Machine Co., we understand the need for precision and versatility in CNC machining. Waterjet cutting, a key technology in our arsenal, offers unparalleled versatility in cutting a wide range of materials. Let’s explore the diverse materials that waterjets can masterfully cut.

Metals and Alloys: The Backbone of Industrial Cutting

Waterjets effortlessly cut through various metals and alloys, including steel, aluminum, brass, and titanium. Their ability to handle different thicknesses and types without altering the material’s inherent properties makes them ideal for metal fabrication.

Cutting Composites and Laminates with Waterjets

In the world of composites and laminates, precision is paramount. Waterjet cutting ensures integrity while slicing through fiberglass, carbon fiber, and other composite materials, providing clean cuts without delamination.

Waterjets and Ceramics: Precision Cutting for Delicate Materials

Ceramics can be challenging to cut due to their brittleness. However, waterjets handle these materials with ease, cutting intricate designs in porcelain, tiles, and more, without the risk of cracking or breakage.

Glass Cutting: Achieving Intricacy and Safety

From architectural to automotive glass, waterjets cut various types of glass with precision. They reduce the risks associated with conventional glass cutting, such as cracking and shattering.

Waterjet Cutting in Stone and Tile Fabrication

Stone and tile are no match for the power of waterjets. They can create complex shapes and inlays in granite, marble, and other stone materials, ideal for decorative and architectural applications.

Waterjet Applications in Cutting Plastics and Rubbers

Plastics and rubbers vary greatly in density and hardness, yet waterjets cut through them with ease. This capability allows for diverse applications, from industrial components to artistic installations.

Waterjet Cutting for Wood and Other Organic Materials

Even organic materials like wood are not beyond the scope of waterjets. They provide a non-thermal, clean cutting process, ideal for intricate designs and delicate woodworking projects.

Specialized Materials: From Foam to Insulation

Waterjet cutting extends to unconventional materials such as foam and insulation. This flexibility opens up opportunities for specialized applications across various industries.

Factors Influencing Material Cutting with Waterjets

The effectiveness of waterjet cutting depends on factors like material thickness and machine settings. At Brodeur Machine Co., we tailor our approach to each material, ensuring optimal cutting quality and efficiency.


The ability of waterjets to cut a broad spectrum of materials is a testament to their versatility and precision. At Brodeur Machine Co., we leverage this technology to provide our clients with high-quality, custom-fabricated parts, no matter the material. Interested in exploring waterjet cutting solutions for your project? Contact Brodeur Machine Co. at 508-995-2662. Let us be your trusted partner in delivering precision and quality, cut by cut.