Brodeur Machine Company was established in 1922 in a one-stall garage in New Bedford, MA.  Today, nearly a Century later, we are still located in the same city in an ultra-modern 53,000 sq. ft. facility with 50 highly skilled employees.

Early on Brodeur Machines Co. services were focused on the thriving South Coast manufacturing industry. As the mills closed down and the industry changed, we adapted our business model and shifted our focus to working extensively with the booming steel industry and precision metals.

Brodeur Machine Co. has kept in step with the times in nearly a century of operation. This wealth of machining experience coupled with the desire to remain on the cutting edge of our industry will carry the company into the future.

Our Past

Brodeur Machine Co. opened in 1922 in a small automotive shop on Shaw Street in New Bedford, MA and through the years gained a reputation for being able to do very difficult jobs.

Chief Executives of Brodeur Machine

  • Andre Brodeur, Secretary
  • Clement A. Brodeur, President
  • Clement Brodeur Jr., Marine Work
  • Raymond Brodeur Sr., Treasurer

Clement A. Brodeur
Founder of Brodeur Machine

Clement was born in Canada and moved to New Bedford in 1900. He was a Veteran of WWI. Community involvement included Kiwanis, the Eagles and the Sea Scouts.

Quality and craftsmanship is in our roots.