Precision CNC Turning

Precision CNC Turning For All Industries

Brodeur Machine Co. offers both precision CNC turning and milling services. The choice between the two typically depends on the final shape desired and the specifics of the order.

Precision CNC turning equipment is designed to hold the workpiece in a stationary position in a chuck. The chuck rotates at a pre-set speed, while the tool cuts away the surface of the metal or plastic to create the desired shape. Generally, this is the process used for boring, drilling, grooving, knurling, and facing of metals and plastics, usually cylindrical or conical in shape.

Our CNC Turning Services

In addition to standard sizes and types of CNC turning, Brodeur Machine Co. also provides large CNC turning services. This provides a niche for our company to work on larger pieces than many other machining shops. We provide CNC turning services for a range of industries, including transportation, energy, marine, military, and medical, and we can work to the very stringent specifications and tolerances required by our customers.

While we do offer large CNC milling and turning services, we also work with very small parts and components. We use the latest in state-of-the-art equipment, and our tradesmen have over 25 years of experience, on average, working with a wide variety of standard and exotic types of metals and plastics.

The Right Equipment

Our selection of CNC milling and turning equipment allows us to consider the specifics of the order and choose the correct application, equipment, and service to provide quality parts and components. We provide prototyping and small to large volume order production of simple to complex parts.

To discuss the benefits of precision CNC turning for your parts, contact us at 508-995-2662.