Precision CNC Milling

High Precision CNC Milling At Brodeur Machine Co.

One of the many benefits of outsourcing the production of simple to complex parts and components to Brodeur Machine Co. is the ability for us to choose the most effective machining process. We take the time to understand the requirements for the part and then make recommendations on the best options. Due to our variety of CNC precision milling and turning equipment we have the flexibility and tools to do the job right.

Although both use an ablative method to remove material from the workpiece to create the final desired shape, they use a very different process. CNC precision milling keeps the workpiece in place while multi-point cutting tools move in specific patterns through three or more axes. This allows for complex designs and shapes with a single machine, reducing both manufacturing time and costs.

Our High Precision CNC Milling Facility

Brodeur Machine Co. has made the investments to be a state-of-the-art CNC precision milling shop. We have the latest in CNC milling equipment as well as the most advanced computer programs to provide the tightest possible tolerances. This is critical for our customers to ensure we work to the required specifications for parts and components for medical devices, military requirements, and in the energy, transportation, marine, and manufacturing industries.

In addition to our facility, we have also invested in the top machinists and experts in the field. Our staff ensures complete quality control in all aspects of precision CNC milling, turning, fabrication and auxiliary services. From prototyping to small or high-volume orders, Brodeur Machine Co. has the ability to meet your needs.

For more information on our CNC precision milling services, reach out to us today at 508-995-2662.