Large Capacity Machining

Large Capacity Machining At Brodeur Machine Co.

One of the challenges for many OEMs or customers looking for prototypes and specialized types of machined parts and components is the challenge with large and complex parts.

At Brodeur Machine Co., we offer large capacity machining at our facility in New Bedford, MA. We work with local, state, national, and international companies to complete the machining of large parts and components. We also offer a full range of auxiliary services for these parts, including painting, grinding, bead and sand blasting, and any required sheet metal shaping.

Brodeur Machine Co. can bend sheet metal up to 13 feet and 185 tons, and we can roll up to a quarter inch in thickness and four feet in width for many materials. 3 dedicated, certified welders can provide fabricating services on a variety of materials, including exotic metals.

Our Services

Our large capacity machining services include a staging area with a lifting capacity of up to 100 tons. We offer large milling and turning services, specialized fabrication, as well as large surface and OD grinding services.

We have the capacity and equipment to machine pieces up to 44,000 pounds, ensuring we can manage orders across several industries and for very complex types of projects and requirements. We use an innovative approach and work closely with our customers to make sure even these large projects are completed to exacting specifications and the required tolerances, in the desired timeframe.

For more information on the large capacity machining we offer at Brodeur Machine Co., get in touch with our experts today. Call us at 508-995-2662 to discuss your next large machining project.