At Brodeur Machine Co., our job isn’t complete until your project is at your facility, safe and sound.

We handle all of the delivery details so you don’t have to! We believe shipping your order is a delicate and complex task, which is why we create specialized cradles and crates to ensure that your components or machine arrives to you in pristine condition. We maintain our own full-service fleet of trucks to deliver parts and machines regionally to ensure our high service standards.

No matter how large or small the part or machine might be, we deliver it on-time, safely and with extra care and attention to detail. We operate the way we want to be treated – with the highest expectations for professionalism. If the delivery radius is such that we need to incorporate a third party, we maintain relationships with reputable outside services that partner with us to make shipping and delivery seamless.

Set-up & Preparation

Brodeur Machine Co. can provide everything you need to properly install and integrate your machine into your facility.  This service may include site preparation, demolition, foundations, structural work and floor preparation. If it’s being integrated into a line with other equipment, we will work with your personnel to laser align the machines and make sure it works correctly and safely prior to demobilization.  Brodeur Machine Co. can provide everything you need to properly install your machine so all you have to do is power it up and run it.