What Is A CNC Machine Shop?

Machining is an umbrella term that is used to create parts by removing material from a solid workpiece. In the past, machining was typically used for metals, but today it is also used for plastics and a variety of other exotic materials.

Machining can include drilling, boring, turning, cutting, milling, knurling and even grinding to create the specific required shape. These processes can be completed manually or with hand tools or larger equipment that is controlled by an operator, or it can be completed using CNC machining.

What is CNC Machining?

CNC machining is also known as Computer Numerical Control machining, and it uses the precision of a computer to control the specific machine and tool in the machining process.

In this type of machining, precision is the focus, with the tool and the machine making the exact same removal of the material from the workpiece with every unit. This precision ensures that the first piece machined, and the millionth piece machined are identical in shape, size, and specifics.

What is a CNC Shop?

A CNC machine shop uses a variety of different CNC machines to create parts from metal or plastic. The tradesperson writes a program to make a part, configures the machines, monitors the cutting tools, and changes out tools as needed, while the machines are controlled by the onboard computers.

The advantages of working with a CNC machine shop include precision parts, less waste, greater production capabilities, and faster order turnovers for both prototyping and large and small volume ongoing orders: repeatability!