Surface and Cylindrical Grinding Services

At Brodeur Machine Co., we offer comprehensive cylindrical and surface grinding services that enable us to process various types of materials on both their internal and external faces. The results we produce include exceptionally polished and finished parts meeting stringent tolerances. Our grinding technology and technical know-how helps us produce efficient solutions on parts large and small with quality results.

Our Surface and Cylindrical Grinding Services

The surface and cylindrical grinding services we offer are designed to generate the fine finishes and tight tolerances that a variety of industries and applications require. In our specialized grinding facility, we house an extensive selection of surface and cylindrical grinding machinery. Our capabilities include surface grinding, Blanchard and reciprocal on components measuring up to 48 inches and cylindrical grinding on pieces as large as 28 inches by 120 inches.

Our surface grinding services include the precision grinding of flat surfaces that meets stringent specifications, delivering parts that adhere to exacting standards for parallelism, flatness, and surface quality.

Our cylindrical grinding services are tailored to the precise grinding of cylindrical elements. Whether you require the manufacture of pins, shafts, or other cylindrical components, our skilled grinding professionals guarantee the conformity of your parts to the required criteria for concentricity, roundness, and surface finish. Every part is 100% inspected for customer satisfaction.

Whether your needs involve a single prototype or multiple production runs, our team possesses the capacity to fulfill your project requirements.

Brodeur wire edm services achieve tolerances as tight as 0.0001”

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