Machining and Fabrication

At Brodeur Machine Co. we have the ability to machine almost any material and size allowing us to do a wide variety of jobs from highly complex metals and plastics to larger machined parts and everything in-between.

With experience in building a wide variety of machined parts for a number of industries, we know how to make a component of any size and complexity work. Brodeur Machine Co. machinists and fabricators are experts in crafting and handling components and parts. Our machinists average more than 20 years in their  respective trades. This experience helps us deliver solutions that harness the most progressive technology, resulting in components that are efficient, reliable and cost-effective.

Brodeur Machine Company’s century in the business has enabled us to produce reliable, quality parts and components, which are thoroughly inspected before leaving our shop. Our fabricators and machinists work closely with our engineers throughout the process to ensure all of our work meets the desired specifications prior to shipping. Brodeur Machine  Co. strives to ensure the final product has been fabricated correctly and that all parts are of the utmost quality. We have a reputation for excellence that we implement in every step of our process.

In-House Fabrication & Machining
Crafting your components usually starts in our fabrication shop, which is equipped to handle a wide range of materials, including titanium and other exotic metals, up to 100-tons. Most of our work is performed in-house by our highly trained and experienced team. Thanks to our history in the business and our in-house equipment, we have the ability to handle all aspects of the fabrication and machining process.

Nothing is ever compromised

Specialty Processes

When a component or component feature does fall outside our capability, we seamlessly integrate our specialty vendors into the machining and fabrication process. Over the years, we’ve cultivated long-standing relationships with other vendors who perform up to our high quality standards and delivery schedules, therefore extending our capabilities for our customers.

Parts, Large and Small

From a single machined part to a run of thousands, Brodeur Machine Company’s   New Bedford, MA facility can handle it. We are equipped to deliver on any size job from micro-machined parts to thirty-foot gear wheels. If your replacement part is out-of-production or unique to your machine, we can make it.