Advantages of Wire EDM Machining: Brodeur Machine’s Premier Services

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is a controlled metal removal process that uses electric spark erosion to vaporize materials, leaving behind little debris and incredibly accurate results. Wire EDM is a specific type of EDM process that uses a wire to cut through the material. This process provides many advantages over traditional machining methods, and Brodeur Machine Company, Inc is a leading provider of wire EDM services.

Brodeur Machine’s Wire EDM Services

Brodeur Machine Company, Inc has been a custom metal fabricator for over 100 years. Our wire EDM services include custom gear cutting, spline cutting, die & mold fabrication, custom prototyping, and more. We are ITAR registered and ISO and NIST compliant, ensuring that our services meet the highest industry standards.

Enhanced Abilities of Brodeur Machine’s Wire EDM Services

Our wire EDM services offer enhanced abilities compared to traditional machining methods. We have a larger work envelope of 49.2” x 40.1” x 32.0” and a workpiece weight capacity of up to 6,600 lbs. This allows us to accommodate larger projects than the average wire EDM shop. Our machinery can achieve tolerances as tight as 0.0001”, which is smaller than a human hair. We can also run multiple wire sizes to address different project requirements. Brodeur Machine can machine hard, conductive materials without stress or distortion, providing precise results every time.

Cost Effectiveness and Efficiency

Wire EDM processing provides a cost-effective and efficient approach to traditional machining for large and complex parts. Materials can be procured closer to final dimensioning, reducing the waste and cost of excess stock that will be machined off. Wire EDM is also considered a “lights out” operation. Once the part is programmed and set up, it is a fairly autonomous process. While the machine operates continuously, efficiently, and accurately at high speeds, large pieces can be manufactured more quickly with less labor.

Machining of Brittle Materials

One of the significant advantages of wire EDM is the ability to machine very brittle materials without damaging them by adding excess tool pressure in the process. The tool and the part do not make contact, allowing for delicate, thin-walled, or weaker material to be fabricated without sacrificing accuracy or quality. Additionally, because this process is so accurate, oftentimes no additional finishing is required to achieve the specifications.

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In summary, wire EDM machining offers many advantages over traditional machining methods. At Brodeur Machine Company, Inc we offer premier wire EDM services to fulfill a wide range of applications with exceptional outcomes. Our enhanced abilities, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency make them a top choice for those seeking high-quality results.