Thermal Spray

Brodeur Machine Co. is a third generation full line fabricator and machining facility with an integrated thermal spray coating division. Under this unique umbrella the High Technology Coating division can handle the complete coating job – from prep machining through first turning, grinding and superfinishing.

State of the Art Equipment

HyperVelocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF)

The process produces coatings equivalent to or better than a detonation gun. It is used for some pure metals, alloys and carbides. HVOF gives the highest possible bond strength. The process propels gases up to 4,500 ft./sec. at 5,200° F.

Wire Arc

A system in which two metal wires are fed independently into a spray gun and charged, generating an arc between them. This process is used for heavier build-up of pure metals and alloys. It propels gases up to 1100ft./sec. at 10,000 degrees F.


The process is compromised of a non-transferred arc system. It is used principally for ceramics but has the capability to apply some pure metals, alloys and carbides. The process propels gases up to 2,000 ft./sec. at 30,000° F.

Benefits of Thermal Spray Coating

Serving Customers in a Wide Variety of Industries

Industries served include a broad spectrum in the chemical, petrochemical, refining, power generation, marine, pulp/paper, printing, food, plastics, textile, wire/strip and general metalworking.

Design Improvements
• Utilization of surface design engineering
• Extending operating range of equipment
• Manufacture of parts impossible by other means
• Improvement of manufacturing methods
• Introduction of novel manufacturing methods
• Use of less dense base material
• Lower inertia

Direct Cost Savings
• Increase in life of component
• Reduction in maintenance costs
• Decrease in equipment downtime
• Increase in operating efficiency
• Use of less costly material for bulk of component